Abhinav Malhotra (Dubai & Online)

Abhinav Malhotra Best Personal Trainer of UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi All Emirates Health Fitness India
Abhinav Malhotra Best Personal Trainer of UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi All Emirates Health Fitness India

Best Personal Fitness Trainer in Dubai, UAE Abhinav Malhotra is on Health and Fitness India

Locations Dubai & Online (worldwide)

Services Personal Training (1-1 or 2-1), Online Coaching (Personalized training program, Personalized nutrition plan, Supplementation advice, Motivation & Accountability), Corporate Seminars

People in Dubai & everyone online, achieve your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goals with the highly-experienced personal trainer Abhinav Malhotra. He is the Top Personal Trainer in UAE (Dubai & All Emirates) awarded by the prestigious FIT AWARDS 2019. He was a Top 10 Personal Trainer in Sport360 Fit Awards – PERSONAL TRAINER OF THE YEAR (Middle East) 2018.

One Fitness First Dubai client’s testimonial for Abhinav: “He guides you, he pushes you and he looks after your well being. He is the kind of trainer you want on your side to achieve goals you didn’t even know you could achieve.”

Best Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in Dubai UAE Abhinav Malhotra AbhiFit Client Transformations 16 Dec 2021 - Health Fitness India

Dubai Personal Trainer Abhinav Malhotra Fitness First Gym Client Testimonial Payal Doshi

Abhinav is well-experienced in making busy people fit who only have few hours a week to exercise. He emphasizes on being knowledgeable & smart about fitness.

Abhinav brings genuine fat loss to his clients which is a drop in fat mass while retaining / increasing lean muscle mass & strength and improving cardiovascular fitness.

Abhinav’s personal training client in Dubai achieved his transformation (image below) in just 3 months of structured training & nutrition.

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Dubai Client of Personal Fitness Trainer Abhinav Malhotra - Health Fitness India

The client was suffering from obesity and all kinds of metabolic problems and dropped 12% body fat and gained lean muscle, strength and energy levels. (No fat burners were used during this process).

Read more about the client’s transformation in Abhinav’s Facebook post.

Abhinav welcomes people in Dubai and around the world (online) to contact him who’re looking for professional assistance.

Work Highlights

* Former Elite Master Personal Trainer at Fitness First Middle East.

* Former Platinum Personal Trainer at Fitness First Middle East.

* Former Master Trainer & Athlete of OPTIMUM NUTRITION.

* Sports Nutritionist and an International Kettlebell Sport Athlete.


Email or Facebook or Instagram message Abhinav to learn about his personal training programs which can specifically benefit you.

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