Robotic Bodies Are Made On This Planet And I Am From Venus – Doctor, Yoga Expert and International Fitness Trainer Shubhra Arora

Published on 3rd April 2017

Doctor Yoga Pilates Totalbarre LesMills Fitness Instructor Shubhra Arora Health and Fitness India 1
Doctor Yoga Pilates Totalbarre LesMills Fitness Instructor Shubhra Arora Health and Fitness India 1

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I am India based, presently living in Melbourne, dental practioner and a yoga expert, Pilates (Mat & Reformer) trainer, Total Barre instructor, Les Mills body balance and animal flow trainer.

I am associated with Reebok India.

I was Yoga ambassador for International Yoga Day 2016.

A crossfitter and a half marathoner last but not least a fitness model, presently doing a research on VAGUS NERVE STIMULATION with chiropractors in Australia.

Fitness envisions different perspectives with different goals, desire to look great and strong.

How many of us actually work on ’muscle in the brain’ ?

The real training begins in the head which brings the transformation of a complete individual.

I have always admired various forms of fitness modalities. Exposing to different movements and activities brought an objective in my life to grow with a better perspective.

Fitness is not a lifestyle rather a habit which cultivates with time n imbibes in your blood.

Doing yoga since my childhood, I understand the communication with no words with my own body.

All we need to understand why we choose to be fit and make it a way of our living.

Yoga has taken different faces, different objectives, different meaning but the goal is one.

We all want to help ourselves and a lead a healthy life.

Training bodies without engaging nervous system is like forming an individual into a robot and many of us get into it.

Understanding body changes n the abilities with the genetics and aesthetics to consider, is more like a process, which yoga got me there.

It helped me in many ways to heal myself to become a better person.

Sharing energies spreading positivity giving the vibe of joy where the souls revive.

Pilates brought total change which made my yoga practice better n more interesting.

When I learnt Total Barre the whole world formed creatively in front of me.

Body balance always made me feel elated and when I did animal flow I just can’t stop missing the melody of these forms of workouts which not only shapes your body but your mind too.

I love Crossfit and running too, with a mind placed well I believe no matter how different workout challenge or compliment each other, you do strike a balance somehow.

Desirability when meets your passion and when you involve your nervous system, you bring conceptual fitness which comes from Venus ( hehe..just joking) and that never ends, never put your bar down. You are tend to grow and get better.

So believe in your self, seize everything and find your purpose.

We need each other for more motivation and for more strength to emerge into a fitter country.


Jai Hind

Shubhra Arora

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