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ViPR (Vitality, Performance, Reconditioning) builds agile strength by combining whole body movement patterns with load, using Loaded Movement Training.


ViPR bridges the gap between movement and strength training. It combines full body, task-oriented movement with load in order to train clients and athletes efficiently and effectively for their Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning goals. Agility and strength come from moving the body in a multitude of purposeful tasks with load. As ViPR Creator and industry-leading educator Michol Dalcourt explains, the science of biomechanics and movement indicates that Loaded Movement Training is a critical component of well-balanced training protocols.
ViPR1 day ago
Move the way your body was designed to move...with ViPR.
Looking to get your hands on one? Send us a message and we can direct your enquiry to your nearest distributer! #movementmonday
Video Credit: @szigabi
ViPR2 days ago
Calling all golfers for #viprsportsunday ..
Try incorporating this move into your training to help improve your foot mobility
- a critical component to your golfing sporting performance! Demonstrated by pro golfer @birdiepelle
Try, film, post, #viprsportsunday 👊🏼
Video Credit, trainer: @duharbaraenkropp
ViPR shared their video.4 days ago
#FlashbackFriday to 2014 where ViPR Global Education Development Manager, Jake Duhon highlighted the benefits of training outdoors with ViPR!
Watch now!
Learn more:
ViPR Master Trainer Jake Duhon highlights the benefits of training outdoors with ViPR! Watch his awesome video now!
ViPR with Hamit Buhara at Central YMCA Club.1 week ago
Crack a smile today with some adult play for #InternationalDayOfHappiness!
Adult play and interaction incorporated in a workout is a powerful thing...! #movementmonday
ViPR1 week ago
Prone to knee injuries?
Weak adductor muscles could be to blame.
These muscles are extremely important in sports such as running, swimming and cycling for stabilising the pelvis + knee.
Ambassador Cleber Nunes shows us two exercises that are excellent for building up strength and mobility in these areas.
Try, film, post! 👊🏼#viprsportsunday
ViPR shared MOSSA UK's video.2 weeks ago
Sometimes it's better to train together.....ViPR MOSSA UK Workout Live at IFS 2017!
Happy Friday! #ViPR #MOSSA
ViPR shared FitPro's video — at FitPro.2 weeks ago
Check- out FitPro trainer, Holly Lynch demonstrating how you can incorporate ViPR into your workout regime!
Full list of movements:
#vipr #movement
FitPro trainer, Holly Lynch demonstrates how you can shake up your normal workout routine by incorporating the ViPR across a range of dynamic movements. So don’t just pick up the dumbbells, explore your 3D movement with the ViPR, too. We’ve outlined the full list of movements over on the FitPro blog, so, once you’ve given the video a watch – grab your equipment and see how you can fit these into your workout.
ViPR2 weeks ago
Oops...#ViPR did it again!
Want to train like Britney Spears?
Contact us at to find out how to get your hands on one!
Video Credit: Britney Spears
ViPR with Hamit Buhara at Central YMCA Club.2 weeks ago
Pop squats: with ViPR Global Ambassador, Hamit Buhara
Great for improving your rhythm, timing, and hand - eye co-ordination!
How? Grab a ViPR and a partner and away you go!
Increase/decrease the challenge by varying the distance of your partner/ the weight of the ViPR
Learn more:
ViPR shared ViPR South Africa's photo.2 weeks ago
ViPR with Amy Slater and 4 others at FitPro.3 weeks ago
What’s YOUR Favourite ViPR move? Do you agree with the choices?
Purchase yours by emailing us at: #flashbackfriday
ViPR3 weeks ago
#ViPR squat combo: ViPR Global Ambassador, Rick Bulley mixes it up today to add some variety to the basic squat. Challenging not just your lower body but also your core, upper body and gets your heart rate racing from that additional movement!
Give it a go.
Try, film, post #MyViPRTraining
Feet in neutral squat position, using 2 handle hold,
Squat and draw 4 lines with the ViPR (lower, upper, right and left) to make a box.
After completing a box, bring ViPR overhead and complete 4 swings. Repeat for as many sets as possible
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