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ViPR (Vitality, Performance, Reconditioning) builds agile strength by combining whole body movement patterns with load, using Loaded Movement Training.


ViPR bridges the gap between movement and strength training. It combines full body, task-oriented movement with load in order to train clients and athletes efficiently and effectively for their Vitality, Performance and Reconditioning goals. Agility and strength come from moving the body in a multitude of purposeful tasks with load. As ViPR Creator and industry-leading educator Michol Dalcourt explains, the science of biomechanics and movement indicates that Loaded Movement Training is a critical component of well-balanced training protocols.
ViPR2 days ago
The #2kgViPR enables an even lower entry point to ViPR, allowing people to begin realizing their full potential for daily motion through Loaded Movement Training.
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ViPR3 days ago
ViPR Education Development Manager, Jake Duhon, explores Loaded Movement Training and explains why our new education is focused around the fundamentals of LMT rather than just education for a tool.
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ViPR is with Benson Poh.4 days ago
Stretch & flex into the new week with #ViPR.
x2 moves aimed at reconditioning the thoracic spine.
Tip: Start off by executing move 1, then progressing onto move 2.
Learn more about ViPR & Loaded Movement Training at our new training course, LMT-1 via the link in our bio.
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ViPR1 week ago
Check-out this great move for loading the lateral hip muscles.
ViPR Curtsey Lunge w/ Raise.
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Try, film, post with #viprworkoutwednesday!
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ViPR is with Paul Edmondson at CitySport.2 weeks ago
See ViPR in action at the FitPro Live presents: Chain Reaction seminar with Gray Institute!
ViPR played a key role at the event, with ViPR Global Master Trainer Stephen Tongue showing off some moves to the participants.
Thank you to FitPro and Gray Institute, for the great event.
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ViPR shared Kira Stokes Fitness's video.3 weeks ago
#mondaymotivation with Kira Stokes Fitness
Load your movement today with #ViPR.
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Kira Stokes Fitness
Step 1 - MOVE Step 2 - MOVE WELL, with awareness, precision and all directions. This #smotd with ViPR got me moving, shifting and changing direction while challenging my ❤️keeping me super STOKED. 👉If you run, cycle, walk, hit the elliptical you are generally moving forward. It's important to incorporate lateral movements to ensure you don't start to build muscle imbalances and/or find yourself at risk for overuse injuries. ⚡️Remember: LIFE DOESN'T HAPPEN IN ONE DIRECTION⚡️ . . #thestokedmethod #stoked #trainhardtrainsmart #stokedfit #cardio #strength #workforit #goals #challenge #fitspo #inspiration #motivation #instafit #instafitness
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