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You’re a unique breed. You demand more from yourself during a one hour workout than most people demand from themselves in an entire year. You’re committed - to yourself, to your goals. AST Sports Science is committed as well. Committed to you. Our unwavering goal is to bring you the most effective sports supplementation in the world. Not colorful products with colorful claims and no effects. AST delivers you the goods. The real deal. Real scientifically proven sports supplements that produce results. Serious results! We put the power of our research into our supplements – something no other company can give you. AST Sports Science delivers you scientifically backed sports supplements that will catapult you to a higher level of physical performance. AST Sports Science is for those who demand more. More power. More performance. More results. Copyright © 2012 AST Sports Science, Inc. Paul Delia AST Sports Science President
AST Sports Science
AST Sports Science58 ago
Bulking Up or Staying Lean? Which is Best?
AST Sports Science
AST Sports Science4 hours ago
Q: What’s the difference between MyoGenin and other proteins?

A: MyoGenin is unlike any other protein. It’s is a completely new engineered active protein substrate. It starts with a special hydrolyzed whey protein and then integrates leucine-specific active enzymes within the protein structure. This integration is accomplished by fusing the protein/enzyme structure in a 2-phase, phospholipid membrane. No other protein in the world uses this advanced technology. #AST #MyoGenin
AST Sports Science
AST Sports Science5 hours ago
Arm Rx - Prescription for Big, Muscular Arms
AST Sports Science
AST Sports Science9 hours ago
Eating Strategies for Packing on Muscle
AST Sports Science
AST Sports Science11 hours ago
***GL3 L-Glutamine***
•Increase Protein Synthesis
•Increase Muscle Cell Volume
•Enhance Growth Hormone
•Speed Recovery
AST Sports Science
AST Sports Science13 hours ago
Muscle Recovery From Intense Training - The Science
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