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1st Phorm
1st Phorm4 hours ago
Casey Loves Fitness and Jeff Wittek gettin after it! Question... would you rather have a private gym or do you like the atmosphere of a public? #iam1stPhorm
1st Phorm
1st Phorm22 hours ago
Awesome 2 month #Transphormation from Melissa Gummersall!

"In two months the scale says I lost 7lbs. Not a significant amount of weight but I am proud of what I have been able to accomplish in two, short months:

1) I am a full time mum of four littles. They drive me bananas. We have a crazy, hectic schedule. I don't sleep. The baby wants to be held 24/7. But we figure it out. Make healthy choices. Get active with your family. Small changes make for long-term sustainable habits.

2) The 7lbs I "lost" compared to the way I feel is such a substantial contrast. I have more energy, my gut feels better when I eat better, I feel stronger... etc. So don't let that number on the scale consume you!"

Couldn't agree more Melissa! If you're looking to make a change like she did then go now to http://1stphorm.com and sign up for our $250,000 Transphormation Challenge! It's completely free to enter and gives you access to all the tools you'll need to reach your goals! Plus you also have the chance to win up to $50,000 in cash!

All included:
💊 The best supplements
🍱 FREE custom diet plans
💪 FREE custom workout plans
💻 FREE Blogs
📽 FREE Training videos
📖 FREE E-Books
🍰 FREE healthy Recipes
📞 FREE help from 1st Phorm's NASM Certified Personal Trainers and NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialists
1st Phorm
1st Phorm1 day ago
⚾️1st Phorm Athlete Don Brown is ready for the baseball season to begin with his new 3/4 sleeve tee! Tap the link in our bio to get yours! Who's your MLB team? Tap the link below to pick up your own 3/4 Sleeve Baseball tee! #Cardinals #iam1stPhorm
1st Phorm
1st Phorm4 days ago
Love carbs? 🍏🥔🍞🌯🍫Wouldn't it be nice if there was a supplement we could take that would attack the sugars/carbs we consume by breaking them down and regulate our blood sugars / insulin levels? This way we are converting the sugars and glucose into glycogen to be properly used as energy and not stored as fat. Well... our G.D.A. (Glucose Disposal Agent) does just that!

Proper glucose disposal or optimization is one of the major keys to getting lean and athletic performance. 1st Phorm’s GDA has been formulated with full efficacious doses of the most potent ingredients available to help unlock your body’s ability to properly deal with elevated glucose levels.

So if you are looking to get rid of some fat, more efficiently utilize carbohydrates or just physically perform at a higher level, 1st Phorm’s GDA is going to help you do so! The perfect supplement too if you are trying out a #ketogenic diet. Find out more or pick some up today by tapping the link above!

1st Phorm Athlete Kerri Hayes
1st Phorm
1st Phorm5 days ago
Some highlights from our Annual Awards Banquet we held last month here in St. Louis. This event is to recognize and award things like hardest worker, athlete of the year, manager of the year, go the extra mile award... oh and to not care one iota about the diet or the hangover (Remedy definitely helped 😂) because we want to have fun with our friends because we truly believe we have the best team there is. #iam1stPhorm
1st Phorm
1st Phorm5 days ago
Our 1P "Ranger Panties" are BACK IN STOCK! Our first batch sold out extremely quick so be sure to tap the link above if you want to secure a pair! We will be giving 1 pair away and all you have to do to enter SHARE this post and comment DONE below! #IAM1STPHORM
1st Phorm
1st Phorm6 days ago
🤤Cue Homer Simpson drool face when it comes to looking at this Protein French Toast by 1st Phorm Athlete Ashley Nordman using our Vanilla Milkshake #Phormula1

🍞Protein French Toast🍞
4 egg whites
1 whole egg
½ cup Phormula-1 protein powder
2 tbsp almond milk
4 slices bread
non-stick cooking spray

Get protein here 👉 https://1stphorm.com/products/protein-powder

1. Coat griddle with non-stick cooking spray and set to medium heat

2. In a bowl, combine eggs, milk, and protein powder and whisk well

3. Dip each slice of bread into mixture (fully coating it), and let it absorb the mixture for about 10 seconds

4. Place each slice on grill and cook for 2-3 min on each side (til brown)

5. Serve with toppings of choice (I used maple syrup, powdered sugar & @buffbake)

6. Smash the entire stack and if someone judges you then that's their problem 😂
1st Phorm
1st Phorm6 days ago
BTS from our Spring 2017 Release that is now available! Just tap the link below to see what's new! #iam1stPhorm https://1stphorm.com/blog/1st-phorm-spring-17-release/
1st Phorm
1st Phorm7 days ago
1st Phorm Athlete Don Brown with our new dad hat (3 colors to choose from!) and "Due$ Paid" tee from our 2017 Spring Gear Release. All the items are going fast so you better get some while you still can! Tap the link above to shop now! #iam1stPhorm
1st Phorm
1st Phorm shared RealWorld Tactical's video.1 week ago
What do you think 1st Phorm Athlete RealWorld Tactical's nickname should be? Comment below! #iam1stphorm
1st Phorm
RealWorld Tactical
Some explosive cardio and strength training today KNOCKOUT ZONE somebody said something about explosive push-ups to me and doing a video, well here you go, with a weighted vest on 40 lbs putting me at 280lbs running them, while doing lateral jumps and a ton of other stuff. Something hard is combining explosive conditioning with Sub max effort strength lifting, showing my last drills of the day running variations of all drills with 500 lbs deadlifts for reps. Wearing my GASP shorts, and 1st Phorm custom tee. Go out there and break every rule in the handbook!!!
1st Phorm
1st Phorm1 week ago
Our #AlphaCreHD is a non stimulant based pre-workout formulated to increase strength, pump, and delay muscle fatigue allowing you to get more reps be set to take your pump even further. Because this product does not have any stimulants that means it's perfect for those who workout late at night. The flavors will blow your mind too, as they taste just like Kool-aid! Available in grape, orange, and fruit punch! Tap the link above to get yours! #iam1stPhorm

1st Phorm Athlete PRYMAL (Ryan Hansen)
1st Phorm
1st Phorm1 week ago
Let's kick this week off right by doing a giveaway for our latest gear release!

To enter:
✅ Tag 2 friends below
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2 people at the end of today will get to choose an item of their choice (of what's left in stock*). Double your chances of winning by entering on instagram too! #iam1stphorm
1st Phorm
1st Phorm2 weeks ago
Our new "I Am 1st Phorm" tank is available in men's and women's! Tap the link below! #iam1stPhorm
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