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Workout Mommy

My name is Lisa and I am a single mom to 4 little boys who have endless amounts of energy! I started my blog to help keep me accountable with my own fitness. I love kettlebells, running, and chocolate. 🙂 Visit my blog for more information!
Workout Mommy
Workout Mommy14 hours ago
Trans Fat Bans Tied to Fewer Heart Attacks and Strokes:
Workout Mommy
Workout Mommy1 day ago
Definitely slacked off this week with the workouts.......but we have managed to get in some great beach time and a flex or two. 💪
Workout Mommy
Workout Mommy3 days ago
White turnips and leeks?
Ummmmm.....I'm going to pass on this one!
Workout Mommy
Workout Mommy added a new photo.6 days ago
Workout Mommy
Workout Mommy6 days ago
My 7 year old is so excited to wear these socks I got from Inspyr --he is ready to train hard and flex for Friday! 💪
Workout Mommy
Workout Mommy7 days ago
Happy 💪 it Friday!

What kind of workout are you doing today?
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Thank You for visiting & reading about me! My work is in the fields of health, fitness, dance, beauty, fashion, auto-mobiles, food, HR, security and others. I do Marketing & IT work. I create websites, graphics, videos, written content & IT solutions. My clients are in India and around our world. You are welcome to contact me. Best!