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We're the home of the world's top nutrition coaches. We teach the science of nutrition coaching and help clients get in the best shape of their lives.
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Precision Nutrition9 hours ago
[COACHING TIP OF THE WEEK, from Dr. John Berardi]: Masterful coaches make WAY fewer suggestions than you think. Instead, they ask questions. Lots. And they listen. Genuinely and effectively.

Then: "Thanks for sharing this, CLIENT. Of course, I have a few ideas for how to proceed. But I'd like to start with your ideas. If YOU were the coach and I were the client, what do you think I should do next?"

The goal: To help clients come up with their own solutions, ones they're ready, willing, able to do. Because, when they propose their own solutions, they're more likely to do them. And, DAMN, it works.

[For examples of this, including sample scripts, check out:]
Precision Nutrition
Precision Nutrition1 day ago
Simply giving someone a "diet" is the equivalent to giving them a loaded bar and saying, "Copy me, do the snatch."

... It's a whole bunch of difficult skills wrapped up into something that you don't even know they'll have the ability to follow.

[For 6 better ways to transform any diet in a sustainable way: ]
Precision Nutrition
Precision Nutrition
Precision Nutrition2 days ago
If you coach women of reproductive age, there's a strong chance you'll encounter this situation as a coach. Grief in general is one of the more powerful (but often hidden) elements shaping people's thoughts, feelings, and choices.

This is an important and sensitive article by Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach, Carolina Belmares.
Precision Nutrition
Precision Nutrition3 days ago
When it comes to health, fitness, and nutrition, why do so many people struggle?

In this brand-new, awesome, and animated video, we explore the main reasons people struggle with eating better and exercising... and share 4 proven strategies for making change happen more easily.
Precision Nutrition
Precision Nutrition4 days ago
When diets stop working, most people assume they need a complete overhaul right away.

I have to cut out sugar… and dairy… and carbs… and saturated fat.

Plus I have to eat more protein… more healthy fats… and more vegetables.

I have to start drinking lots of water too.

And exercise… maybe a 6 am boot camp… yeah.

Let’s call it the Mission Impossible approach.

The Mission Impossible approach isn’t just difficult; it’s misguided.

Because a complete overhaul rarely addresses what’s keeping most people from eating well in the first place.
The problem is: People feel bad. And it’s really hard to find the effort that’s required for a healthy diet when you feel bad most of the time.

Now, we call the root sources of feeling bad “limiting factors”. Limiting factors are the things that stand in the way of progress. They could be physical, mental, emotional.
Let’s focus on the physical first.

Physical limiting factors could be hormonal imbalances or sleep deprivation or too much lifestyle stress. However, a very common — and very commonly overlooked — limiting factor is actually dietary deficiency: not getting the right nutrients, in the right amounts, to look and feel your best.

Shocking percentages of the U.S. population are deficient in major nutrients. And deficiencies are not just limited to people in the United States.

Chances are, you’ve got a deficiency, no matter how good you think your diet is. At the same time, they’re not that hard to fix.

This article (and infographic) show you exactly how:
Precision Nutrition
Precision Nutrition5 days ago
Without a good nutrition plan, exercise on its own produces pretty disappointing body composition results.

Now here's a look at some of the interesting data...

[To watch more, check out the free video series here: ]
Precision Nutrition
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