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Nia Shanks - Lift Like a Girl

Simple, no nonsense, and effective strength training and nutrition information for becoming the most awesome and strongest version of yourself.
Nia Shanks - Lift Like a Girl
Nia Shanks - Lift Like a Girl1 day ago
A fellow coach and friend just wrote a science-based book for people who prefer a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. So if that's how you eat, or you want to eat that way, this is a must-read book. Did I mention that Melody Schoenfeld *bends steel and rips phone-books* in half?

I haven't read this yet, but I know Melody so I'm confident this book is a phenomenal resource. Unlike some vegans who use fear-mongering to scare people into eating a vegan diet with incorrect information, Melody knows many people choose that lifestyle for ethical reasons, and she gives you a great guide to successfully eat that way. (I.e.: a vegetarian/vegan diet is not superior for health like some misinformation would have you believe -- but many people love animals and *that* is why they're vegan/vegetarian.)
Nia Shanks - Lift Like a Girl
Nia Shanks - Lift Like a Girl2 weeks ago
You may not have time to read, or just don't want to. You can now listen to audio articles for some of the most popular articles on Future articles will have an audio option too. Enjoy!
Nia Shanks - Lift Like a Girl
Nia Shanks - Lift Like a Girl3 weeks ago
7) Too many women mistakenly believe a leaner body, or a lighter body, will make them happy.
Nia Shanks - Lift Like a Girl
Nia Shanks - Lift Like a Girl4 weeks ago
This is not your typical "hack."
Nia Shanks - Lift Like a Girl
Nia Shanks - Lift Like a Girl1 month ago
I'm not a big fan of traditional before and after photos. I don't think they do a "transformation" justice because, to me, strength training and eating well serves a purpose beyond looking good. I prefer a "before" and "after" that goes deeper.

My personal "before" in regards to what I did before embracing the Lift Like a Girl method I now share and use with clients: obsessed over everything I ate and drank, was constantly chasing fat loss and "fixing flaws," and used exercise as punishment when I overindulged. I was never happy with how my body looked and thought happiness would come from achieving a perfectly sculpted body part, or a lighter bodyweight.

My personal "after" once I started living the "Lift Like a Girl" way: strength training became an enjoyable activity -- something I did to feel great about myself. I chose strength and function over building perfect body part. Eating well was about improving my health but also being able to feel satisfied and enjoy what I ate (and enjoying "not super healthy stuff" guilt-free). I now work with my body instead of fighting against it. Eating well and working out enhances my life, and no longer dominates it.

If you're willing, I'd love to hear some of your "before" and "afters."
Nia Shanks - Lift Like a Girl
Nia Shanks - Lift Like a Girl1 month ago
Don't feel like eating well or working out? Lead with your ass.

Does it feel like everything is going up in flames? Lead with your ass.
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