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Girls Gone Strong is the world's best resource for women’s health, wellness, nutrition, training, and lifestyle information. But more than that, we are a force to be reckoned with that’s fighting back against the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry and mainstream media who try to convince us to be LESS instead of MORE. …who try to box us into a cookie-cutter look, style, size, and shape. …who put women on blast picking apart their every body part, fashion, and lifestyle choice. …who say strong women look like men. …whose sole purpose is to convince us that we are too short, too tall, too fat, too thin, too strong, too weak, too emotional, too bitchy, too aggressive, too manly, too feminine, too slutty, too prudish, too loud, too big, too different, too basic, too smart, too dumb… We believe in autonomy, in providing great information to help you reach your personal goals (whatever they may be), in sisterhood, and in shining brightly so that we may give our sisters permission to shine brightly, too. We believe that there’s no one “right” way to have a body, and we love to display fit, strong, and beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, ages, ability levels, and athletic backgrounds on our site. The women in our Advisory Board are all world-class experts in their respective fields who have come together for one common purpose — to provide evidence-based, body-positive information to women, and use a united voice to fight back against the fluff and the fear-mongering the mainstream media uses to prey on your insecurities and sell you something you don’t need. Instead, we pride ourselves on offering real-life solutions to help you reach your goals in a realistic and compassionate way. We understand that women want to change their bodies — the way they look, the way they feel, the way they perform — but we also believe you must understand that you are enough as you are right this moment.
Girls Gone Strong
Girls Gone Strong43 ago
[How To Do A Kneeling Pull-Up]

Want to nail your first Pull-up?

Or maybe you can do 1-2, but you want to do more?

Enter the Kneeling Pull-up/Chin-up.

This video from GGS owner Molly Galbraith will walk you through exactly how to do it safely and effectively.
Girls Gone Strong
Girls Gone Strong
Girls Gone Strong2 hours ago

Happy first birthday to our Facebook groups: incredible spaces housing strong women who connect, grow, and share, experiencing what the GGS community is all about.

Search any of the 3 to get in on the action.

THANK YOU for being so funny, educational, and inspiring!
#strongwomenlifteachotherup #girlsgonestrong
Girls Gone Strong
Girls Gone Strong3 hours ago
Why Women Should Strength Train (And It Has Nothing To Do With Fat Loss)

Do you really want to read another predictable article that offers up three easy steps to fix this flaw or that flaw, look better in your clothes, look like “her,” or finally lose that “stubborn” fat?

We didn’t think so.

In this article, Nia Shanks - Lift Like a Girl gives you POWERFUL reasons why every woman should strength train, that have nothing to do with weight loss.
Girls Gone Strong
Girls Gone Strong6 hours ago
[Ask Ann: Why Am I Having Sharp Shoulder Pain?]

This is a common question from the Girls Gone Strong Community, and Physical Therapist Ann Wendel of Prana Physical Therapy has the answer.

If you have shoulder pain, check out this article.

(And make sure you SHARE it with anyone you know who has shoulder pain, so they can benefit, too!)
Girls Gone Strong
Girls Gone Strong7 hours ago
3 Common Fat Loss Mistakes Women Make

It's incredibly popular right now to demonize or scoff at fat loss as a goal.

At Girls Gone Strong, we believe that YOU are in charge of YOUR body, and we want you to set whatever goals for yourself that feel good to you.

If fat loss is one of them, please make sure you give this article from Jen Comas a read. It outlines the 3 most common mistakes women make when trying to achieve fat loss.

If sustainable fat loss is a goal for you right now, this is a MUST-READ!
Girls Gone Strong
Girls Gone Strong22 hours ago
[GROWTH Vs. FIXED Mindset]

“I’m so nervous! I’ve never been, but I can’t wait to learn!”

“I can’t ever get it right.”

Which sounds like you more often?

The language that we use is powerful.

Read on as Girls Gone Strong and Strongest You Coach Jen Comas outlines the difference between a growth and a fixed mindset, and provides 3 ways to cultivate a growth mindset!
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