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Girls Gone Strong is the world's best resource for women’s health, wellness, nutrition, training, and lifestyle information. But more than that, we are a force to be reckoned with that’s fighting back against the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry and mainstream media who try to convince us to be LESS instead of MORE. …who try to box us into a cookie-cutter look, style, size, and shape. …who put women on blast picking apart their every body part, fashion, and lifestyle choice. …who say strong women look like men. …whose sole purpose is to convince us that we are too short, too tall, too fat, too thin, too strong, too weak, too emotional, too bitchy, too aggressive, too manly, too feminine, too slutty, too prudish, too loud, too big, too different, too basic, too smart, too dumb… We believe in autonomy, in providing great information to help you reach your personal goals (whatever they may be), in sisterhood, and in shining brightly so that we may give our sisters permission to shine brightly, too. We believe that there’s no one “right” way to have a body, and we love to display fit, strong, and beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, ages, ability levels, and athletic backgrounds on our site. The women in our Advisory Board are all world-class experts in their respective fields who have come together for one common purpose — to provide evidence-based, body-positive information to women, and use a united voice to fight back against the fluff and the fear-mongering the mainstream media uses to prey on your insecurities and sell you something you don’t need. Instead, we pride ourselves on offering real-life solutions to help you reach your goals in a realistic and compassionate way. We understand that women want to change their bodies — the way they look, the way they feel, the way they perform — but we also believe you must understand that you are enough as you are right this moment.
Girls Gone Strong
Girls Gone Strong2 hours ago
[5 Joint-Friendly Upper Body Exercises]

Do you want to cultivate longevity with your exercise routine?

If you have mobility problems or pain when performing upper body exercises, then this information is for you.

In this article, Dr. Laura Miranda goes over not only five EXCELLENT exercises for upper body power that are designed to keep your joints as pain-free as possible, she explains the science behind your “upper body system” and how to keep it healthy while lifting.
Girls Gone Strong
Girls Gone Strong3 hours ago
[NEW ARTICLE: Self-Care is an Act of Survival]

"Women have been taught to believe that we should sacrifice for the needs of others; the needs of our children, our significant others, our clients.

Many of us have been programmed to believe that spending money on a massage, a pedicure, or splurging on an expensive bottle of wine for ourselves is wasteful; that our money would be better spent on other people or other things.

We are constantly bombarded with messages of what it means to be a 'good' wife or a 'good' mom. That usually involves making sure everyone else’s needs are met before even thinking of our own needs.

While society would prefer women to believe that our purpose in life is to serve others, I simply don’t believe that is our life’s work." -Chrissy King

Our friend Chrissy King Fitness is a force to be reckoned with. In this article, she calls us to ditch the guilt, to prioritize ourselves, and to thrive. Read on to learn more!
Girls Gone Strong
Girls Gone Strong18 hours ago
[4 Reasons Your Workout Isn't Working For You (and What To Do!)]

If your workout isn't working for you, it's probably due to of one of these 4 reasons.

Luckily, they are relatively simple to fix!

In this article Molly Galbraith explains what they are and exactly how to fix them.
Girls Gone Strong
Girls Gone Strong20 hours ago
[Rack Carry Video - Good and Bad Technique]

We love this exercise because it's challenging to your anterior core (i.e. your abs), and you also have you resist lateral flexion (i.e. side-bending) when holding the weight on just one side.

The biggest mistake we see here is people leaning BACK trying to stabilize the weight by essentially crushing their lumbar spine.

Instead think about keeping your ribs down, bracing your core, staying tall, and almost "leaning INTO" the kettlebell.

You also want to make sure that your wrist is straight, and your elbow is tucked into your side. Happy carrying!
Girls Gone Strong
Girls Gone Strong
Girls Gone Strong24 hours ago
[Get Involved with the GGS Movement!]

We wanted to take a second to welcome you to the GGS Community, let you know we’re grateful that you’re here, and give you a few ways that you can get involved with the Girls Gone Strong Movement.

But first I want you to know that we don’t take it lightly when someone trusts us with their time, so thank you in advance for your faith in Girls Gone Strong.

Click below to learn the best ways to receive updates on our organization, receive support from women around the world, and be the first to know about our coaching programs, certifications, and more.
Girls Gone Strong
Girls Gone Strong1 day ago
[Gymtimidation No More: How To Feel Like A Boss In Any Gym]

"Walking into a new gym or fitness facility can feel a little (or a lot!) intimidating for some of us. Looking around on that first visit, you see members who appear to know the gym inside and out, who are comfortable and not the least bit self-conscious.

And then there’s you. Walking by with your stuff, looking around, taking it all in. As the new member, you might sometimes feel lost (I mean, where is the darn locker room?!), and you might get the notion that everyone else is staring and judging. Pssst… they’re not!

At Girls Gone Strong most of us have been new to a gym more than once. Each first time can be intimidating or exciting, or a little bit of both. Gyms, much like people, are all unique to some degree. Each one has its own culture, type of member, and overall vibe."

To help you figure it out, we called on our friend Amber Thome of ALLfit Lifestyle Solutions for this article.

If you're new to the gym, or even just new to a particular gym, you might not be familiar with common gym etiquette, and/or the "gym culture" of your new digs.

In this article, we walk you through step-by-step exactly what you you should (and shouldn't) be doing to ensure that you and everyone around you has a safe training experience.
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