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Is your facility ready to embrace the group training phenomenon? Download our Group Training Business Manual to get your programming off to a successful start.
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The Fitness Business Podcast produces insightful podcasts for those looking to stay up to date within the fitness industry, and we are proud to work with them. Read more about the podcast and listen to some key segments here.
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We’ve pinpointed five key components that create the best group training experience and keep people coming back for more. How many of these does your gym do a good job with?
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Good news for those of you who love snacking: it can assist in managing your calories, energy, and boosting your metabolism! Just make sure you're being smart about it. Tips from
American Diabetes Association here:
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Westin Hotels & Resorts strive to be the premier brand in travel wellness and they are known for operating prime luxury properties. Learn how the Westin Hotel in Vail, Colorado partnered with Precor to ensure they were delivering on their motto “For a Better You”!
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Don't forget to join us for our next webinar on the topic of staying current with your gym's strength equipment purchases, featuring four fitness industry experts. You don't want to miss this!

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